Saturday, 28 October 2017

Day 9: My Review of the Catholic Children's Bible

Today's post is a link to another article I've had published.  Someone spotted my endorsement of this children's Bible in a Facebook group and asked me to consider submitting it as a full-length review. Here's the final product, and yes, it really is a great choice for a children's Bible!

I fondly recall my beautiful 1970s-era Golden Children’s Bible. As a child I was drawn to the gorgeous, life-like pictures and I devoured the stories. I can still vividly picture the giant hand, writing on the wall of a banquet room, and the terrified onlookers from the Book of Daniel. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize with disappointment that my Bible was incomplete. I graduated to more traditional Bibles: the little red Gideon’s and the Good News version of the Gospel of Matthew that were given out in school. I remember that I eagerly dove into both of these but as a youngster I found the font too small and the text difficult to read, so they remained permanently tucked into my bookshelf.
Fast forward a couple of decades: after a wedding, the birth of my first three children...

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