Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Day 5: Glorious Autumn

 Really rushing to get a post out today... my apologies in advance for the lack of editing!

To borrow the words of literature's most famous Maritimer, Anne Shirley,

 “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

"Gonna rain starting Wednesday," my husband advised me late Monday night.

"That'll be the end of the leaves, " I lamented. Both September and October have been particularly warm this year.   We traveled south for nearly two weeks this month, and upon our return we were greeted with a chill in the air. It comes fast, that switch from the beauty of autumn to its dreary drizzle. 

Late autumn in New Brunswick is not only the cold rain that strips the trees of their leaves, but also the rapid shortening of days.  I've been struggling finding times to go out for a run this last week, because I only do so when my husband is home and this time of year, he leaves before the sun rises and is not home until after it sets.  

Running has become such a welcome and peaceful part of my life.  I began running regularly in the summer and from day one I committed to praying the Rosary as I went. At first it was walking the Hail Marys and only running the Our Fathers, but lo and behold one day I found myself running straight through and then some. It has truly become a mini-retreat for me to pray and be silent and push myself to persevere. Not being able to run as frequently any more combined with anticipating the winter snow and ice have had me looking into home treadmills and gym memberships.  

So, when I woke up in the dark this morning  I was already bracing for the changing weather, scrambling to find extra layers to put on before going downstairs.  But when I opened the kitchen door to let our puppy out to the yard I was pleasantly surprised to find it was as warm outside as it was indoors.  Perhaps warmer!

I loaded up the van with kids, a puppy, water bottles, and plastic bags and we headed to a beach not too far from home which I knew featured a great playground plus enough pavement and trails to let me run.

My heart began to soar just driving through red-gold-green woods to arrive at the park and when we pulled into the driveway and caught sight of the river it took my breath away. 

Glory to Thee, O Lord in all Thy creative splendor!

Today felt like such a perfect gift from my beloved Father who knew exactly what would bring my heart joy.  The warmth of the air made for a cozy blanket, the forests ablaze in glorious colour delighted my eyes.  The laughs ringing out as my kids piling up a massive leaf pile and jumped in it filled my soul with joy.

Pure grace! 

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